China Mobile Begins Accepting Preorders for Unreleased iPhone 6

Chinese carrier China Mobile has begun taking preorders for the upcoming iPhone 6 ahead of the device’s official launch, reports China Daily. Available at China Mobile Beijing, the preorder campaign appears to be aimed at drumming up interest for Apple’s new devices.

On a website, China Mobile Beijing allows users to choose between the 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6, but the carrier does not offer images of the device or a potential release date. A China Daily source has suggested Chinese customers may receive the iPhone 6 as early as mid-month, however, which would be in line with previous rumors and past device release timelines.

iphone_5s_6_grassMockup of 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 depicted with iPhone 5s

China Mobile’s preorder campaign also confirmed rumors that Apple will release larger screens for the device as buyers are asked to choose either a 4.7-inch version or a 5.5-inch one. The iPhone 5S has a 4-inch screen.

The program is available only in Beijing and, as of Tuesday evening, had attracted more than 33,000 orders. It remains unclear when the buyers can get the device. A person familiar with the matter told China Daily the first iPhone 6 could be distributed to Chinese customers as early as mid-month.

As of Tuesday evening in China, the campaign had garnered more than 33,000 orders, pointing towards strong interest in the iPhone 6. Analysts have predicted that the launch of the iPhone 6 could see a massive spike in upgraders and Android switchers, due to its larger display and redesigned chassis.

China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile carrier with more than 700 million subscribers, first began carrying the iPhone in January of 2014, after extended negotiations with Apple. Apple CEO Tim Cook called inking a deal with China Mobile a “watershed” moment,” allowing the company to reach millions of new customers and significantly expand its presence in China.

As it marks an opportunity for significant growth, China has become an increasingly important market for Apple. Tim Cook visited the country multiple times in 2013 and Apple has opened several retail stores in China in 2014, including locations in Wuxi, Chongqing, and Beijing.

Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 6 at a September 9 media event, which may also include the debut of its wearable device and a payment initiative. Though Apple is expected to preview both the 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models, it is unclear if both devices will be available to launch at the same time due to production difficulties with the larger phone.

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Apple broadens diversity efforts with new scholarships

Citing that diversity would help Apple build better products, the Cupertino, California iPhone-maker announced that it will be awarding two $10,000 scholarships to minority students pursuing a technology education in universities. In addition to the financial award, the recipients would also be considered for Apple’s internship program.

The Product Integrity Inclusion and Diversity Scholarship offered by Apple is open to women, black/African American, Hispanic, or Native American university students who would be at least a sophomore in a bachelor’s program in the fall of 2015. The scholarships are also opened to master’s and doctorate program candidates as well.

One scholarship, called sensor, asks applicants to propose a new sensor to go into an Apple product. A second test track scholarship asks applicants to design a trial vehicle to transport astronauts.

Are you a university student? Will you apply for Apple’s diversity scholarship?

Source: Apple 1, 2 via Apple Insider

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Nordstrom latest rumored to join Apple’s iPhone 6 mobile wallet

After reports speculating that American Express, Visa, and MasterCard may be joining Apple’s September announcement in announcing a new mobile payments wallet for the iPhone 6, it is now said that Nordstrom may also be joining the camp. In addition to Nordstrom, a report suggests that Apple may also be in talks with other retailers for the initiative to allow customers to pay for physical goods at retail stores with their iPhone.

Talks with Nordstrom are said to “be in the early stages” so there is still a lot of uncertainty if Nordstrom will appear as a launch partner in time for Apple’s September unveiling, which many believe will be used to unveil new iPhone and iPad models.

According to early speculations, Apple may utilize the rumored NFC hardware on the new smartphones, along with iTunes for payment processing, to allow customers to make purchases at physical stores. As such, Apple’s mobile wallet would compete with Google Wallet on Android and ISIS, a mobile payments partnership between U.S. wireless carriers AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

The rumored partnership with Nordstrom may make sense given the retailer already uses Apple products in lieu of cash registers at many stores now.

Are you excited about the possibility of using your iPhone 6 to make purchases with at Nordstrom? Do you think all these mobile payment rumors will come to fruition in time for this month’s event?

Source: Bank Innovation via 9to5 Mac

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More ‘Super Meat Boy Forever’ Details Revealed

Super Meat Boy Forever was finally announced over the past weekend by Team Meat, with it being the mobile edition of the game that’s been long-promised by the studio. Well, we now know a lot more about the game, how it plays, and when it’s expected to release.

Super Meat Boy Forever Details 1

First off, it was known that the game features an auto-running Meat Boy, but whether the game was structured as endless or not was not. Well, the answer is complicated. The core game features 6 chapters, with levels that are randomly-generated, so things will change with every death. But, there’s also an endless mode that will additionally feature daily runs. There will be a dark world as well that will feature additional characters from other indie games. Also, Team Meat is promising that this isn’t just a one-button game, and likely not free-to-play as they say “SMB:F will not use abusive $ tactics to drain your wallet and cheapen the game experience.”

Super Meat Boy Forever Details 3

So what about A Voyeur for September? That’s not an actual game, as it was just a code name for PAX to not give it away before the show. Mewgenics, Team Meat’s previous project, is not canceled, but is on hold while they work on this game, which they have been working on for a couple months, so it’s likely unrelated to any other promised mobile Super Meat Boy games. They’re saying this will release sometime next year, which isn’t very definite, but hey, it’s probably gonna be more accurate than any Kickstarter’s planned delivery date.

Super Meat Boy Forever Details 2

We’ll be keeping our eyes out for this one and keeping you updated as more comes out about the game.

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‘Space Colors’ Creator Trent Polack Working on Follow-Up ‘Superchroma’ and Spin-Off ‘Gravity Blot

Space Colors [$0.99], the space-shooter with roguelike elements and colorful explosions, is barely a month released into the world, but if you want more of it: good news, there’s a couple of new games coming that will deliver more space and/or more explosions.

SuperchromaFirst up is the sequel to Space Colors, currently titled Superchroma. The idea behind this is that where Space Colors wound up being more like a roguelike, Superchroma is meant to be more of an open-world action/RPG game, according to creator Trent Polack.

The inspiration is games like Armada and Subspace, with a large, randomly-generated world to explore, albeit one with consistent rules to how it works. As well, there will ideally be no permadeath, with just a return to the home based upon death, but there may be some kind of penalty for dying. Additionally, there will be functional ship customization, and procedurally-generated loot to pick up. The game’s still very early in development and a lot could change with it, but it does promise to be more expansive than Space Colors was.

Another side project that Polack is working on is Gravity Blot, which puts the visuals and explosions of Space Colors in a monochromatic world, with gameplay that’s styled after Luftrausers. The ship is controlled by flinging it around in the air, hitting and targeting enemies, and trying to complete objectives for each run.

Gravity Blot

This game is near completion, just needing some of the final work to make it ready for public consumption, including Game Center integration, so expect it hopefully soon.

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Cartoon Network Shows Off New ‘Adventure Time’ and ‘Steven Universe’ Games at PAX

cnlogoCartoon Network was demoing games at PAX Prime this past weekend, and there’s a pair of particularly intriguing titles from interesting developers that are coming to iOS in the future. Adventure Time Game Wizard is a game-creation tool that’s being made by Pixel Press, and Steven Universe: Attack the Light is an RPG from Grumpyface, who have made some good games for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim Games in the past couple of years.

Adventure Time Game Wizard is made by Pixel Press, who created Pixel Press Floors [Free], which released a few months ago. This game is based on the same technology, which makes it possible to draw game levels using notation for different in-game elements, either drawing in-game or on a printed graph paper sheet that can be captured through an AR camera. Just now, it will be possible to use Adventure Time characters and settings to create worlds. This won’t just be a slapped-on license, as the core Pixel Press tech is getting upgraded, with more creator tools, multi-page level design, the ability to create levels on iPhone as well as iPad, and more.

Adventure Time Game Wizard

Grumpyface, known for their work on games like Castle Doombad [$2.99], Super Mole Escape [Free], and Mutant Fridge Mayhem [$0.99], are helping out with Adventure Time Game Wizard, giving it the detailed animation that their games are known for:

Game Wizard is expected this winter. As well, Grumpyface is at work on Steven Universe: Attack the Light, an RPG based on the series from Rebecca Sugar, who had a hand in some of Adenture Time‘s best episodes. The story team behind the show is also working on an original story for the game. No release date for this one yet.

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‘Smarter Than You’ from the Creator of ’10000000′ Launches This Month

Luca Redwood, creator of 10000000 [$2.99], has been working on a new game besides 10000000 sequel You Must Build a Boat, the asynchronous multiplayer game Smarter Than You. And soon, the world will get to play the game against each other and potentially take on the AI character M_E_T_I_S, as a release date has been announced for September 25th.

For those unaware, the game is a take on rock-paper-scissors, but with a communication aspect that modifies the moves in play. Each of the three moves (arrow, attack, and counter) has a random damage amount at the start of each round. Then, by forming a message from three words given, these can modify the damage done by each. It’s possible to lie to the opponent to try and get them to go for a move that would be ideal for you, like getting them to go for counter by preparing for attack, when arrow would beat that. Or, telling the truth and expecting them to figure you’re lying is a strategy too.

Smarter Than You

The puzzles surrounding the game eventually led to messages placed in spots around the world that revealed the ultimate goal of the game: that M_E_T_I_S, through learning players’ strategies, is aiming to beat players at a 65% rate. The prerelease version is just head-to-head through Game Center; the AI component likely comes in later.

Smarter Than You Mystery

The game will be free-to-play, with a curious monetization method: tipping opponents at the end of matches. Essentially, the game does a roulette between 50%, 2X, and 3X bonuses, at random costs of free, $0.99, $1.99, and $2.99, so there should at least be some incentive to hit the button. Just how much money it makes? Good question! We’ll find out starting September 25th.

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Blizzard is Working on a New ‘Hearthstone’ Expansion, This Time Released via Packs of Cards

If you remember all of our coverage of Hearthstone [Free (HD)] and its Curse of Naxxramas expansion (Here’s the review!) you’d remember how much we loved the buy-once-get-everything pricing structure behind it. But, a lot of people didn’t. So, if you were among the folks out there who for some reason wish you could endlessly buy packs over just flopping out a $20, I’ve got some great news.

According to some details from PAX last weekend, the next Hearthstone expansion is going to be “over 100 additional cards” which are going to be sold as their own type of card pack. The writing on the wall has been there for a while with the UI rework that came along with the Curse of Naxxramas update, as the in-game storefront had been totally redone to obviously allow for room for more things.


Not much more is known at this time it seems, but, it’s safe to assume you can buy these new packs much like you could buy the old packs with either real-world cash or in-game gold. It also feels reasonable to think you can craft the cards with dust like you can existing Hearthstone cards. Start saving everything!

[via Joystiq]

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Noodlecake and’s ‘Joinz’ Release Date Announced

Noodlecake and’s Joinz, revealed a few short weeks ago, has its price point and release date finally revealed, along with a new trailer showing more off about the game. You can expect this Tetris-meets-Threes! [$1.99] puzzler to hit the App Store on September 18th at a price point of $1.99. That’s with no ads, no IAP, no timers or any of that malarkey.

Joinz 4The trailer also shows off a lot more about how the game and its powerup system works. Sliding blocks around will slide them all off to one side as far as they can go without hitting anything, with the goal being to match the shapes shown at the top of the screen, tapping to eliminate compatible matches. New blocks get brought in with each move on the board.

Powerup blocks spawn as matches are made, allowing you to choose from one of multiple effects in order to help clear out the board, with more powerups becoming unlocked as more of the game is played. Making consecutive matches will help get get point multipliers to get high scores, as this is an endless puzzler.

This one hits two Thursdays from now, and given Noodlecake’s run of quality titles that they are associated with, this should be worth keeping an eye on.

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