Walt Disney World to Begin Accepting Apple Pay Starting December 24

Walt Disney World will officially begin accepting Apple Pay starting this Wednesday, December 24, reports WDWMagic (via iMore). The inclusion of Apple Pay will allow users to make purchases at the theme park with an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus, and is a part of Disney’s initiative to accept more contactless payment methods rolled out with its MyMagic+ program. disneyworldlogo

Leveraging the RFID infrastructure deployed as part of MyMagic+, Walt Disney World will also accept other contactless payments, such as Google Wallet and contactless RFID credit cards.

Initially, most stores, quick service restaurants, bars and ticket sales booths will be included. Any locations that use portable payment terminals, such as table service restaurants, will be added later.

Walt Disney World was listed as one of the first partners for Apple Pay alongside retailers like Macy’s, Walgreens, Subway, McDonalds, and Whole Foods. The report also states that Disneyland will begin accepting contactless payment methods like Apple Pay in 2015. Apple Pay has seen impressive early adoption numbers since launching in October, making up 1% of all digital payment dollars in November with Whole Foods being the most popular location for the payment method.

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Walt Disney World starts accepting Apple Pay

Disney announced that it would bring contactless payments to its resorts before Christmas, and is now rolling out the feature this week. Visitors heading to Walt Disney World will now be able to pay using Apple Pay from their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Last year, Disney rolled out MyMagic+, through which customers could charge purchases made within the resort to their hotel room. The technology leveraged RFID and made use of wearable bands called MagicBand, which allowed customers to interact with contactless payments gateways within the resort.

Disney has stated that support for other forms of payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet are designed to make it more convenient for customers visiting the resort to purchase merchandise and other goods. Here’s where support for Apple Pay is currently available within the resort:

Initially, most stores, quick service restaurants, bars and ticket sales booths will be included. Any locations that use portable payment terminals, such as table service restaurants, will be added later.

The locations that accept Apple Pay will feature the EMVCo symbol. Disney is expected to bring contactless payments to the Disneyland Resort in 2015.

Source: WDWMagic

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Looney Tunes Dash! strategy guide: Top tips, hints, and cheats you need to know!

Looney Tunes Dash! is an endless runner game with a twist. Packed with lots of levels, you can work your way through as your favorite Looney Tunes characters such as Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Tweety, and more. To do you, you’ll need to escape from infamous enemies and complete challenging goals. If you don’t, you won’t advance, and eventually, you’ll run out of lives. That’s where iMore comes in! We’ve got the tips, hints, and cheats you need to get further and even top up your lives for free!

1. How to get unlimited free lives in Looney Tunes Dash

Just like Candy Crush, Looney Tunes Dash! is also susceptible to the same time cheat that lets you get unlimited free lives. When your 5 lives are gone, just jump into the Settings app and change the time forward a few hours. Your lives will automatically recharge, leaving you with no reason to dish out real money on lives and cash.

Just remember when you’re done to change the time back, or iMessage will have issues.

2. Play each level twice

I always play each level two times. The first time I play to complete the objective, the second time I play in order to rack up more coins. Coins are important for upgrades and the way the levels are laid out, it’s impossible to collect a ton of coins in some cases while completing the objective. It also gives you two chances for higher scores.

3. The more dangerous path offers more rewards

In some courses you will see a side road that lets you take an alternate path of the main road. These are typically marked with warning signs and road blocks. While these paths are always harder to navigate, they almost always offer more rewards, boosts, coins, and items than the regular route. In some cases, you may even have to take them to collect enough items to pass the objective.

4. Time your super stomps well and you’ll rack up major points

The very first ability you will unlock is the super stomp. It’ll also serve to be one of your most valuable. It recharges on its own and you can continue to upgrade it in order to make recharges take even less time. The key is to save super stomps for areas that contain either tons of barrels and crates, or a lot of other items to smash and rack up points. I also save them for when I see crates and barrels overhead that I can’t reach. The super stomp should explode them for you, allowing you to get points on both levels simultaneously.

5. You don’t always want launch pad routes

It’s tempting to always take the road that launch pads lead you to, but it isn’t always the best decision. This is another reason I play levels twice. The first time through, use launch pads while the second time, stray away from them. In some cases you’ll find using them rewards you while some are misleading.

6. Don’t forget to upgrade your powers regularly

As the levels get more and more challenging, you may find that you have a hard time passing them without having upgraded abilities and power ups. So once you collect a few thousand coins, be sure to head to the shop and upgrade your powers. If you get stuck, you can also replay past levels in order to earn coins for upgrades. Once you’ve upgraded your powers, try the problem level again.

7. If you’re going to spend real money, spend it on coins not cash

Coins are what you use in order to upgrade your power ups and abilities. Cash is only used to renew your lives sooner. Since we’ve told you in step 1 how to get free lives indefinitely, there really is no reason to ever pay real money for cash and lives. Instead, spring for some coins so you can upgrade faster.

Your Looney Tunes Dash! tips, hints, and cheats?

If you’re playing your way through Looney Tunes Dash, be sure to let us know in the comments any tips, hints, or cheats you’ve got as well as what level you’ve worked your way up to!

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Our holiday music favorites

Holiday music fills our homes, malls, and minds from just about the moment after Thanksgiving until the end of the year. From choirs and orchestras to rock and pop to soundtracks and carollers, it’s everywhere and anywhere many of us go. Here are our favorites!

Ally: When I think of Christmas music, I think of my mom who loves holidays more than anyone I know. I have some great memories growing up of decorating the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, making cookies, and just having coffee or tea on a cold night. Naturally, a lot of the music I grew up listening to, thanks to my mother, has stuck with me. Some of my absolute favorites include songs by Jim Brickman, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Amy Grant, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Others come from movies we grew up watching around the holidays. The following are the songs and albums that are always on standby each and every holiday season in our house:

Derek: Not gonna lie, I have a soft spot for Christmas music. Even though I refuse to listen to it until after Thanksgiving. I’m a man of rules, dammit. What Christmas music, specifically, you ask? Well, inside that soft spot for Christmas music is a soft spot for the likes of Frank Sinatra, the Glenn Miller Orchestra, and similar music. Here’s a selection of some of my favorite tracks:

Peter: I’m an unabashed fan of rock and pop music, the cheesier the better. I misspent my teenage years in the 1980s, which means I’m squarely fixated on music from that era as well. So when it comes to Christmas music, these are some of my favorites. I’ve thrown in a few classics to round things out too, and one that one of my coworkers at the store, Annie, suggested (The Pogues).

  • The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You) – Nat King Cole – Download now
  • Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses – Download now
  • Christmas in Hollis – Run DMC – Download now
  • Fairytale of New York (featuring Kirsty MacColl) – The Pogues – Download now
  • I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas – Gayle Peevey – Download now
  • Last Christmas – Wham – Download now
  • Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee – Download now
  • Wonderful Christmastime – Paul McCartney – Download now

Rene: Don’t hate me. I don’t listen to much music during the year — I watch videos at home and listen to podcasts when I drive — and if it were up to me I’d listen to just as little during the holidays. But it’s not up to me, it’s up to my family. And they drive me next to mad with an almost constant stream of music. (I’ll never admit it, but part of me appreciates it.) So, what do I like? The African sounds of my birthplace, the majestic voices of Canada, and anything and everything that’s either a true classic, or turns the classics upside down.

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Add this glossy skin case to your iPhone 5/5S and save 67% today!

This TPU skin case offers excellent protection and features a special slip-resistant coating enabling you to have a better grip on your iPhone 5/5S. Superbly made, it’s the perfect case for protecting your device from scratches and impacts. Get yours in black, blue, pink, clear or green today for just $4.95

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How to fix a broken Lightning dock in an iPhone 5s

If you have an iPhone 5s that’s out of warranty and won’t charge, it’s possible the dock assembly itself needs to be replaced. Symptoms of a bad dock can include a faulty headphone jack, inability to charge, Siri being activated randomly while plugged in, or iTunes not recognizing your iPhone 5s. If you have any of these symptoms, we can walk you through replacing the dock assembly for a fraction of the cost of a new iPhone.

What you need to DIY replace an iPhone 5s dock assembly

You’ll need some tools and parts in order to repair your iPhone 5s. If you’re in the United States or Canada, we highly recommend checking out eTech Parts as we’ve had lots of good experiences with them and know their customer service is out of this world. All the links below will route you to the direct item on eTech’s site.

1. Power off your iPhone 5s

Before performing any repair on any device, always remember to power it off. Simply hold down on the Power button until you see Slide to Power off. One you’re sure your iPhone 5s is turned off, proceed to the next section.

2. Remove the two security screws on both sides of the dock connector

There are two security screws that secure your device’s screen to its frame, and they sit on each side of the dock connector. Use your 5-point security screwdriver to remove them. They are both the same size, so it’s okay if you mix them up.

3. Remove the display assembly

  1. Place your suction cup slightly above the Home button assembly and secure it to the screen.
  2. Holding the iPhone in place with one hand, gently pull upwards on the suction cup until you free the bottom of the screen. Do NOT pull up all the way at this point, as the cable that runs to the Touch ID sensor is still connected. You only want to separate the screen about an inch at this point.
  3. Now that you have a clear view of the cables, use the pointed edge of your spudger tool in order to carefully remove the metal shield covering the Touch ID cable.
  4. Make sure you don’t lose the metal guard that covers the Touch ID connector.
  5. Again, use the pointed edge of your spudger tool in order to disconnect Touch ID.
  6. You can now safely swing the display up in order to see where it is connected to the board.
  7. Remove the four screws holding down the shield that covers the display cables. To do this, use your #000 screwdriver.
  8. Once all four screws are removed, carefully remove the shield and set it aside.
  9. Now use your spudger tool in order to remove the three cables shown in the image below. You’ll need to remove the two off to the far right in order to reveal the third and final cable, which sits below them.
  10. The display assembly should now be free from the body of the phone. Go ahead and set the display assembly aside.

*Note: I recommend the suction cup method here, but if you can’t get a firm grip with a suction cup, you can use a razor blade or the iSesamo opening tool. Carefully work your way around the bottom of the phone between the frame and display assembly with a razor blade or the iSesamo Opening Tool until you can gently pry up the screen using the flat end of your spudger tool. We recommend using plastic razor blades if you can find them, since they won’t cause damage to the finish of the iPhone’s frame.

4. Disconnect the battery

  1. Remove the two screws holding down the battery cable using your #000 Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Gently lift the battery shield out of your iPhone 5s and carefully set it aside.
  3. Use your spudger tool to carefully pry up the battery cable.

This is as far as you need to go. It isn’t necessary to completely remove the battery, but it’s always a good idea to disconnect it before replacing any components. This prevents any shorts from happening if the Power button accidentally gets pushed during the course of a repair.

5. Remove the loudspeaker assembly

  1. Remove the three screws outlined in the photo below using your #000 Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Use the flat end of your spudger tool to lift up the right portion of the loudspeaker, as shown in the photo below. Just don’t attempt to completely remove it.
  3. Carefully use your fingers to maneuver the loudspeaker out of your iPhone’s housing, taking note of the caution areas in the photo below.
  4. Carefully examine the teeth on the bottom, as one slides underneath where the Touch ID sensor connects and the other goes underneath the bottom right of the logic board. Pay close attention to the circular antenna cable and how it sits in a small groove of the speaker assembly.

6. Replace the Lightning dock

  1. Disconnect the two cables shown in the photo below using your spudger tool. One cable goes to the Lightning dock itself while the other is a round antenna cable.
  2. Remove the five screws shown below that are holding the Lightning dock to the casing. Use your #000 Phillips screwdriver for this.
  3. Take note of the location of each screw as they are all different sizes and are not interchangeable.
  4. Starting at the top right by the cable connector, slowly start peeling back the adhesive until the cable itself is free.
  5. The Lightning connector itself and the headphone jack are held in with a mild foam adhesive. You will need to pry them up slightly by using a spudger or iSesamo tool in order to separate it. Not much force is needed.
  6. Flip up the rubber gasket shown in the photo below as well.
  7. Now use the flat end of your spudger tool or the iSesamo opening tool to carefully pry the rest of the Lightning dock from the case.
  8. Take note that there are tiny metal spacer rings that sit on the screw holds in the casing. Be careful not to lose these. You can see them in the photo below.
  9. The last thing you’ll need to do is transfer the Touch ID connector — which is highlighted below — to the new dock assembly. It’s just held on with a bit of adhesive. Just take care not to tear any part of the Touch ID connector as doing so will cause Touch ID to fail to work, and this component can not be replaced.
  10. To replace the dock connector, simply line up the rubber gasket, headphone jack, and Dock connector. Remove any adhesive backing on the new assembly before doing so.
  11. Once the dock connector is fitted in place, replace the 5 screws you removed earlier and replace the earpiece speaker and the two screws holding it in place.

Once you’ve got the Dock connector in place, try plugging in a Lightning connector to ensure that it is lined up correctly. It also is not a bad idea to plug in a pair of headphones as well to be sure that it goes in with no resistance. This way, if something is aligned improperly, you can fix it before re-assembling the rest of the device.

If everything appears to be aligned correctly with the replacement, continue on to finish re-assembling your iPhone 5s.

7. Reconnect the battery

  1. Reconnect the battery cable to the logic board.
  2. Replace the battery shield and the two screws you removed earlier.

8. Replace the display assembly

  1. Reconnect the three cables shown in the image below, starting with the cable to the far left, which sits underneath the other two.
  2. Replace the display shield using the four screws and your #000 Phillips screwdriver.
  3. Re-connect the Touch ID cable to the logic board. The easiest tool to help you do this is the pointed end of the spudger tool.
  4. Replace the Touch ID shield that sits over the cable.
  5. Carefully line up the top of the display into the top of the frame.
  6. Snap down the display until it clicks into place.

If the display doesn’t want to go back down, do NOT force it. Instead, be sure that the top is lined up correctly and that you aren’t snagging any cables. There should be no resistance when snapping it back into place. If there is, you aren’t lining it up correctly.

9. Replace the dock connector screws

Use your 5-point security screwdriver to replace the two dock connector screws that sit on either side of the dock.

9. Test the new dock assembly

Once your iPhone 5s is completely re-assembled, perform the following actions to fully test the new dock assembly:

  • Plug your iPhone 5s into a charger and ensure it charges correctly. Monitor it for overheating.
  • Plug in a pair of headphones and ensure you can hear through them.
  • Test sounds both from your ringer, loud speaker on a call, and music or some other kind of audio.

If all of the above checks out okay, you’re good to go!

More iPhone DIY repair

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iMore show 345: iOS 8 + iPhone 6, three months later!

The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple! On this episode — iMore’s best of 2014 for the Mac, and how we’re all getting on with iOS8 and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus now that we’ve been using them for 3 months. With Serenity Caldwell, Peter Cohen, Ally Kazmucha, and Rene Ritchie.

Support the iMore show: Go to lynda.com/imore to try all courses free for 7 days.

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Show notes


Join us live!

The best way to enjoy the iMore show is by joining us live. Not only do you get in on all the un-edited action, including the pre- and post-show shenanigans, but you can interact with us in the chatroom and generally have more fun than the internet should allow. Same iMore time, same iMore channel every week:

  • Thursdays at 11am PT, 2pm ET.

Be part of the show!

If you can’t join us live but still want to be part of the show, simply send in your comments, questions, corrections, or feedback in advance!

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Problems streaming iTunes purchases to Apple TV? Try these fixes!

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to watch a movie on the Apple TV and having streaming issues. Lately a lot of users, including myself, have been having issues in particular with iTunes purchases. From playback errors to excruciatingly long wait times for streaming to start, there are a few things you can try in order to get streaming straightened out and back to full speed again!

1.Check your internet connection

Before trying any troubleshooting steps, be sure that your internet connection itself isn’t the problem. Your Wi-Fi could be working but not your ISP. You could be connected but bandwidth could be low or packet loss high.

The first thing you can do is go to a site like speedtest.net on one of your computers. If you’re getting more than 15 mbps on the download side, you should be able to stream HD video without a problem.

2. Check other services

To make sure iTunes is really where the problem lies, check other streaming services. If nothing works, including iTunes, Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc., then the problem is likely with your Apple TV itself. If Netflix or Hulu Plus works but not iTunes, then the problem is likely iTunes.

(You can use the same procedure to diagnose Netflix or other streaming services — if iTunes or Hulu Plus works, but Netflix doesn’t, Netflix is likely the problem.)

3. Restart your Apple TV

Most Apple TV streaming issues can be fixed by restarting your Apple TV. This can easily be done through the Settings menu.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your Apple TV.
  2. Click on General.
  3. Click on Restart, it’s located all the way at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Wait for your Apple TV to restart.

If your issues persist after the above steps, continue on.

4. Unplug your Apple TV for a minute or two

This is the fix that worked for me, if only temporarily. While many find it only necessary to leave the Apple TV unplugged for 30 seconds or so, I’d recommend unplugging it for a minute or longer. After plugging it back in, try streaming iTunes purchases again. If you’re still receiving errors or seeing a long wait time, continue on.

5. Forget and rejoin your Wi-Fi network

Sometimes forgetting your Wi-Fi network and re-joining it solves streaming issues. It’s worth a try before going with a complete restore.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your Apple TV.
  2. Click on General.
  3. Click on Network.
  4. Click on Wi-Fi. It’s the first option and should already be highlighted.
  5. Click on name of the network that you are already connected to.
  6. Click on Forget Network.

You can now rejoin the network again and test to see if the issue was resolved. If not, continue on.

6. Reset your Apple TV’s settings

Resetting the settings on your Apple TV can sometimes get rid of corrupt files that could be causing the issues.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your Apple TV.
  2. Click on General.
  3. Click on Reset, it can be found towards the bottom of the menu.
  4. Click on Reset All Settings.
  5. Wait for your Apple TV to reboot and try streaming again.

7. Restore your Apple TV

If none of the above options worked for you, or they only worked temporarily, it may be time to completely restore your Apple TV. While having to type in our passwords and rejoin networks is never ideal, it’s worth it if the issues themselves are fixed.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your Apple TV.
  2. Click on General.
  3. Click on Reset, it can be found towards the bottom of the menu.
  4. Click on Restore.
  5. Wait for your Apple TV to restore. Be sure you don’t unplug it while the restore is in progress.

More help with your Apple TV

If the above suggestions still aren’t working for you, or you need help with something else, our iMore forums are a great place to ask. And if you’ve found another way of getting iTunes purchases to stream more consistently, be sure to let me know that in the comments too!

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Magic SIM: Dual SIM Adapter for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6

While Android smartphones have been offering dual SIM option for quite a while now, Apple has not and probably will never release a dual SIM iPhone. Dual SIM phones are very popular in Asian…

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What we’re watching: Holiday movie and TV favorites

Holidays are filled with memories and few are as strong as the movies and TV shows we’ve grown up with and watched again and again with our families and friends. They’re what make us laugh and make us cry, what give us thrills and help us chill. Here are some of our favorite holiday fare, along with links to rent or download them from iTunes. Some of them might also be available on Netflix and other streaming services. All of them are well worth a look.

Holiday laughs

Ally: In our family, A Christmas Story is a classic and something we watch each and every year at least once. Here in the US, it’s typically played for 24 hours straight starting on Christmas Eve, so we get in at least one full rotation on Christmas Day. It’s a movie my brother and I both grew up watching. Not only that, it was filmed about 30 minutes from where I live and really does depict the classic Indiana lifestyle, so I think that makes it even more special to us.

Another movie that I couldn’t go without watching each and every holiday season is the original Home Alone. Not only does it have a great soundtrack, it’s light hearted, funny, and something everyone can enjoy together.

Ren: I can’t get through the holidays without at least one go-through of A Muppet Christmas Carol. As the name suggests, it’s one of many, many, variations on A Christmas Carol, but with the traditional Muppet spin. Rizzo and Gonzo are your hosts for a wild ride through the life of one Ebeneezer Scrooge, played with panache by Michael Caine. Kermit’s son as Tiny Tim and singing rats. That’s all you need to know.

Peter: It’s as much a Christmas movie as it is a Halloween movie – my vote goes to Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack Skellington decides he’s sick and tired of ruling over Halloweentown and wants to give Christmas a try instead. What happens is horrifying and hilarious. Nightmare is filled with brilliant stop-motion animation, a nod to Christmas classics TV movies from Rankin Bass. With a soundtrack by Danny Elfman, Nightmare includes some brilliant musical moments, as well.

Rene: I can watch Elf over and over again. No one abandons themselves to naivete like Will Ferell, and never has he done it so well as Buddy. He knows Santa. He knows we sit on thrones of lies and stink of meat and cheese. And he knows how to make us laugh.

While I hold deep, abiding affection for the Rankin/Bass Christmas specials, I can’t help but throw a curveball here: Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas. It’s an episode of Community that also shows deep, abiding affection for Rankin/Bass as well.

Chris: It’s a holiday classic and gets watched at least 2-3 times over the holidays in my family. Nine-year-old Ralphie Parker wants only one thing for Christmas: a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle but everyone keeps telling him no, even Santa. “you’ll shoot your eye out, kid.” I won’t spoil it for you (if that’s possible) but it’s a barrel of laughs.

Holiday heartwarmers… and heartbreakers

Ally: There are two movies that come to mind around the holidays that we watch often in our house, and those two are Love Actually and The Holiday. The first is a great story that weaves together the lives of many different individuals around the holidays. It’s also got a great cast including Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, and many more. The second features both Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, both of which have failed relationships and heartbreak around the holiday. One lives in Los Angeles while the other in London. They end up swapping houses and lives for a few weeks in order to figure out life after their significant others. I won’t ruin the movie, but it’s definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already.

Ren: How have none of you crazy people mentioned It’s a Wonderful Life yet? Yes, it’s one of the older Christmas movies out there — made in 1946 with Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed, Henry Travers, and Lionel Barrymore — and yes, it’s black and white. But that doesn’t mean there’s any less to relate to or love. It’s a film about family, ambition, and the way our choices shape our lives — with angels and Christmas songs and Jimmy Stewart wishing happy tidings to a vast number of inanimate objects. See this one in the theater if you can — a lot of cities like to show prints around this time of year — or curl up in front of your TV and enjoy it yourself.

Peter: Featuring some great performances from all-star cast, Love Actually is a rom-com from the same folks who brought us Bridget Jones’ Diary and Notting Hill. This Christmas-themed movie is utterly delightful, interweaving multiple storylines together exploring the very title of the film: Love in all its splendor — passionate, romantic, familial.

Rene: In Family Man, Nic Cage has everything money can buy but no one to enjoy it with. In a twist of fate, he’s given a glimpse into another world, one where he’s struggling to make ends meet, but one where he’s doing that struggling with Téa Leoni, the one who got away, and with kids — the family and home — that they have together.

The West Wing: In Excelsis Deo is one of the strongest episodes of one of the strongest TV shows ever to air on the U.S. networks. The power of the presidency is wielded, without permission, to right a very small, but very important wrong. And in Sorkin dialog.

Chris: While You Were Sleeping, starring Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman, tells the tale of Lucy, a lonely subway worker, who becomes smitten with a handsome stranger. But when she saves his life after he’s been mugged and fallen into a coma, his nutty family mistakes her for his fiancee. After that, things get crazy and and when Lucy falls for his charming brother she has a bit of a hole to dig herself out of.

Holiday thrillers

Ally: I love Bond movies. And typically around the holidays I end up watching at least one or two. I have no idea why since they aren’t holiday themed. Perhaps I received one for Christmas one year and subconsciously started watching one each year. Either way, two of my favorites are GoldenEye (I know Brosnan isn’t the best Bond but it’s a great flick either way), and Skyfall. Both are action packed from start to finish and can be watched over and over again. If you haven’t seen either, you’re missing out.

Peter: Batman Returns, Tim Burton’s 1992 sequel to Batman, is set during the Christmas season, and is one of my favorite straight-up holiday-themed movies. Michael Keaton as Batman, Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, Danny DeVito as The Penguin, and Christopher Walken doing his scene-stealing best as the over-the-top Max Shreck. What’s not to love about this dark, twisted action movie?

Rene: Die Hard is the best Christmas movie ever. I mean, what could be better than Bruce Willis trapped in a building with Alan Rickman, trying to save his wife, and trying to save himself in more ways than one. It’s the reinvention of the action movie, and it’s got everything I need to lose myself for an evening. Even a machine gun. Ho. Ho. Ho.

Arrow: Year’s End isn’t as cliched, but it’s also a first season episode… and that was a tough year. Still, it’s Arrow, and seeing Ollie try to come to terms with what his time on the island did to his family and their holiday traditions is worth a look.

Ren: I adore Die Hard and it’s one of my favorite Christmas movies, but rather than repeat Rene, I’m going to an offer an alternative holiday action flick that’s also set in Los Angeles: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Featuring one of the best on-screen teamups pre-Avengers, Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr star as a gay cop and a petty thief who get inadvertently tangled up together and must solve a murder (over the holidays, naturally). It’s a ridiculously fun ride full of quips from both Kilmer and Downey Jr, and more than worth a rewatch this week.

Chris: The Doctor Who Christmas specials have been ongoing since 2005 but not all of them revolve around a Christmas theme but 2011′s The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe certainly does. It tells the tale of Madge Arwell, who once helped an injured spaceman who promised to repay her kindness, some day. Now, that day has come on Christmas after the loss of her husband in the war. One of the greatest tales for Matt Smith’s Doctor.

  • Doctor Who Christmas Special 2011: The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe – Download Now

Holiday timewasters

Ally: Everyone who reads iMore on a regular basis is fully aware that I love Harry Potter. I regularly re-watch all the movies when either there’s nothing else on TV, or if I just want noise in the background while working. If you haven’t caught any of them yet, the 8 movies that make up the series are sure to fill in quite a lot of time that needs wasting.

Peter: SyFy has made it a tradition to show episodes of the classic series The Twilight Zone as a marathon for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. I hate having to sit through endless commercial breaks, though. The good news is The Twilight Zone is available for download from the iTunes Store, which sells them as individual episodes or complete season passes.

Rene: Every year my family and I sit down and watch Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition from beginning to end. I’m quite sure it takes like 9 days to finish, but it’s so, so, worth it each time. This year, I’m skipping the end to the horrible Hobbit follow up and losing myself once again in its much better predecessor.

Broadchurch is so much better than the terrible U.S. remake. For 8 episodes, David Tennant stalks the English coast trying to find out who killed a young boy, and shattered a small community. The performances are terrific and the tension almost unbearable. Binge away.

  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Extended Edition – Download now

Ren: Doctor Who is always worth a good holiday marathon, especially with the Christmas special airing concurrently on BBC America. I tend to marathon the most recent season while cooking with my folks, so as to properly catch up in advance of the special’s airing — with all the timey-wimey-wibbly-wobbly continuity, it helps to recap the previous season in order to get on the same page.

Chris: ‘A fun-filled magical story, Rise of the Guardians features Jack Frost, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy all together for the first time! When the evil boogeyman Pitch threatens to take over the world, it’s up to our beloved heroes to protect the hopes and dreams of all children.’ Probably one of the most underrated Dreamworks films ever and certainly worth a watch if you’ve never seen it. It has a tattooed Santa Claus, that alone makes it worth it.

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