Garmin Pilot lets aviators wirelessly tap into avionics with mobile devices

Garmin today announced an update for its GTN touchscreen avionics to further empower pilots with easy access to important data. The company will be adding wireless connectivity between select Garmin avionics and its Pilot app on iOS and Android hardware. When everything is set up and ready to go, its solutions will be able to share weather, traffic, GPS information, SiriusXM Aviation weather and SiriusXM satellite radio with mobile devices operating Garmin Pilot. Garmin is essentially transforming mobile devices into cockpit data hubs.

Carl Wolf, Garmin’s vice president of aviation marketing and sales, added the following to the press release:

“The same smart device you use in your everyday life is now the wireless gateway into your avionics. Not only does a wealth of flight-critical information wirelessly arrive on your smart device to help you make better decisions faster, but you can also perform simple and rapid data entry – like flight planning and loading airways – on your smart device and beam it right into your installed avionics. Flight Stream is our latest example of the Garmin Team relentlessly pursuing technologies that make flying safer, more efficient and more enjoyable.”

It’s a cool use of technology, utilizing hardware already in the hands of pilots to connect to avionics and output some useful interfaces. Should you already rely on Garmin Pilot, today’s announcement should be viewed as a positive step forward in further pushing technology to make flying both more enjoyable and efficient.

Check out the press release below for more details.

OLATHE, Kan.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation, announced today an expanded Connext portfolio of products and features, to include wireless connectivity between select Garmin avionics and Garmin Pilot on an iPad/iPhone and certain Android mobile devices. When paired with compatible Garmin avionics, the Flight Stream 110 can share weather, traffic, GPS information, SiriusXM Aviation weather and SiriusXM satellite radio on mobile devices operating Garmin Pilot. The Flight Stream 210 adds two-way flight plan transfer and provides attitude information for display within Garmin Pilot.

“The same smart device you use in your everyday life is now the wireless gateway into your avionics,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin’s vice president of aviation marketing and sales. “Not only does a wealth of flight-critical information wirelessly arrive on your smart device to help you make better decisions faster, but you can also perform simple and rapid data entry – like flight planning and loading airways – on your smart device and beam it right into your installed avionics. Flight Stream is our latest example of the Garmin Team relentlessly pursuing technologies that make flying safer, more efficient and more enjoyable.”

Flight Stream Connectivity

Flight Stream 110/210 is a small, Bluetooth® wireless gateway, which is easily installed with Garmin avionics, enabling communication between avionics and up to four compatible mobile devices running Garmin Pilot. The Flight Stream 110 is designed to be paired with a GDL 88 and/or GDL 69/69A to provide the benefits of these products without the need for a compatible avionics display. The Flight Stream 210 adds connectivity with the GTN™ and GNS WAAS series navigators, as well as back-up attitude information for display within Garmin Pilot. The Flight Stream 210 contains an internal attitude sensor, however if a G500/G600 flight display is installed in the aircraft, its high-integrity attitude source can take priority for display within Garmin Pilot, with a future software update.

Two-Way Flight Plan Transfer

Flight planning is transformed with the Flight Stream 210, enabling wireless flight plan transfer capabilities between Garmin Pilot and corresponding GTN 750/650 and GNS 430W/530W navigators. G3X™ Touch has the Connext Bluetooth wireless gateway built-in, providing flight plan transfer capabilities. The flight plan transfer occurs with a couple of taps when the avionics are powered on. With Connext, pilots have the added convenience of completing flight plans prior to arriving at the airport, allowing more time to focus on pre-flight activities.

Last-minute flight plan amendments prior to departure are simple. Pilots can take advantage of ATC Proposed Routes within Garmin Pilot. Proposed Routes are enabled by aircraft tail number so that modifications made by air traffic control to a filed flight plan are received by Garmin Pilot. Once they are received, Garmin Pilot gives pilots the option to easily transfer the modified flight plan to a GTN or GNS WAAS navigator. Conversely, active flight plans that are manually amended while in-flight may automatically be sent from the avionics to Garmin Pilot so flight plans are identical and amendments only need to be made on one device. To help prevent unintended flight plan transfers from becoming active by others in the aircraft, pilots are required to acknowledge and accept all incoming requests before they become active in the navigator.

Knob turning is dramatically reduced when incorporating the Flight Stream 210 for flight planning with a GNS WAAS navigator, which provides wireless flight plan transfer. Customers may also incorporate Victor airway navigation into flight plans using the Flight Stream 210 and Garmin Pilot. With a few simple taps within Garmin Pilot, routes, waypoints and airway intersections are quickly transferred to a 430W/530W navigator.

The G3X Touch system for experimental amateur-built and light sport aircraft comes equipped and ready to take advantage of Connext. Pilots are offered the convenience of flight planning on a tablet and the simplicity of wirelessly transferring flight plans via Bluetooth to the G3X Touch system. A G3X Touch system with a GDL 39R shares GPS, attitude, traffic and weather data with a mobile device for display using Garmin Pilot.

Stream Weather, Traffic and More

The benefits of ADS-B go further with the Flight Stream 110/210. With the GDL 88 ADS-B datalink and Flight Stream, ADS-B traffic and weather is wirelessly transferred and displayed within Garmin Pilot. ADS-B traffic information may be viewed on the moving map page and dedicated traffic pages in Garmin Pilot. Weather products from the GDL 88 may simultaneously be overlaid on the map page, offering pilots additional redundancy. Expanded functionality of the GDL 69 SiriusXM datalink receiver is available when incorporating a Flight Stream wireless gateway, which displays SiriusXM Aviation weather on a tablet operating Garmin Pilot. Remote control of SiriusXM satellite radio is also available within Garmin Pilot for customers with a GDL 69A and Flight Stream 110/210. Pilots and passengers have access to channel selections, volume controls, as well as the option to save favorite audio channels for convenient access. Adding to the wireless versatility of the Flight Stream 110/210, GPS location information from the GTN or GNS WAAS navigators or GDL 88 with an internal WAAS receiver can be shared to display precise position information in Garmin Pilot.

Portable Connectivity

Connext encompasses a suite of capabilities, which have been built into our portable product line and provide customers with more flexibility and information in the cockpit. Garmin Pilot supports connectivity with VIRB™, Garmin’s HD action camera so pilots can view video, control recording options and take photos while simultaneously viewing flight plan information. Also, remote control capability of VIRB is available from the touchscreen of G3X Touch. When integrating VIRB with G3X Touch, pilots can start and stop video and take photos from the display so capturing the perfect moment in-flight is simple.

Pilots can use the D2™ Pilot Watch as a secondary navigation aid, which can also receive flight plan information from Garmin Pilot. Additionally, D2 can remotely control VIRB so pilots can start and stop video, view elapsed time for active video recording and capture high quality still photos – even when video recording is active. Further integration of the GDL 39 3D with both Garmin Pilot and the aera® 796/795, offers pilots additional connectivity including the display of ADS-B traffic and weather and back-up aircraft attitude information.

Global Datalink Capability

In addition to the Flight Stream 110/210, customers can take advantage of existing Connext services with Garmin’s Iridium-based datalink, the GSR 56. Featuring worldwide weather capability, pilots have access to METARs, TAFs and winds aloft around the globe. Additionally, radar and satellite imagery for Western Europe, Canada, Australia and the U.S. provide pilots with even more weather products so it’s easy to determine if precipitation or cloud cover will impact a particular flight. The GSR 56 also provides voice, text messaging and position reporting services (subscription required), giving pilots the voice and data connectivity they need in the cockpit.

Customers may take advantage of the new Flight Stream features, which are enabled by the simple installation of Flight Stream 110/210. To take advantage of SiriusXM Aviation weather and/or SiriusXM satellite radio, customers require the Flight Stream 110/210 gateway, a subscription to Garmin Pilot, a GDL 69/69A SiriusXM datalink receiver and a SiriusXM subscription. Passengers can control audio derived from the GDL 69A SiriusXM datalink receiver with Garmin Pilot on a subscription-free basis. Customers can stream ADS-B traffic and weather using Flight Stream 110/210, a GDL 88 ADS-B datalink with the latest software and a subscription to Garmin Pilot. Customers may take advantage of wireless flight plan transfer capabilities using Flight Stream 210, a GTN and/or GNS WAAS navigator with the latest software and a subscription to Garmin Pilot on iOS or select Android mobile devices.

Flight Stream 210 is compatible with the GDL 88, GDL 69/69A and GTN 750/650 and is expected to be available in August for a list price of $999. Compatibility with the GNS 430W/530W is expected to be available in September. Flight Stream 110 compatibility with the GDL 88 and GDL 69/69A is expected to be available in August for a list price of $549. Connext capability with G3X Touch is expected with a free software update in Q4 2014. For additional information, visit:

Garmin’s aviation business segment is a leading provider of solutions to OEM, aftermarket, military and government customers. Garmin’s portfolio includes navigation, communication, control, hazard avoidance, surveillance, and other products and services that are known for innovation, reliability, and value. For more information about Garmin’s full line of avionics, go to, and

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Verizon’s second quarter profits soar, highest recorded revenue in six quarters

Verizon has posted its second quarter earnings, which saw the carrier accruing a double-digit percentage increase in operating income and earnings per share. Over the course of the quarter, Verizon has managed to add 1.4 million new postpaid wireless subscribers, up from 941,000 over the same period last year.

The carrier posted profits of $4.21 billion and $1.01 earnings per share, up from $2.25 billion and 78 cents per share in second quarter 2013. Overall revenue for the carrier was the highest recorded in over six quarters at $31.48 billion. The $130 billion buyout of Verizon Wireless from Vodafone had a significant impact in the uptick of profits.

Other highlights include a 75 percent smartphone consumer base, up from 72 percent last year. Verizon has also bolstered its LTE service during the quarter by launching an XLTE network that takes advantage of the AWS spectrum to boost bandwidth in select regions, and is in the process of rolling out VoLTE services across the country. The carrier is also bringing changes to its FiOS wired broadband service by offering upload speeds to match a customer’s download speeds at no additional cost.

Interested in looking at other statistics from this quarter? Head on over to Verizon from the link below for all the details.

Source: Verizon

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Zombies Invade Chess in ‘Kings & Corpses’, Coming This Thursday

Indie developer Danny Perski has a new project in the works which was revealed in our forums this afternoon. It’s called Kings & Corpses, and it’s very loosely based on a simplified version of chess where your goal is to protect your king from the zombies on the board. Based on the following video, you’ll be doing that by strategically maneuvering your pawns and using them for cannon fodder against the zombies. The levels in Kings & Corpses are randomly generated too, so it’s different each time you play.

We were pretty big fans of Perski’s surprisingly strategic 2012 puzzler Exponential Invasion [$2.99], and I get that same kind of good vibe from Kings & Corpses, which looks like another simple, clean puzzler that’ll be a perfect fit for mobile. Impressively, Kings & Corpses was initially built in just a couple of weeks for a class project. It’s set to launch this week on Thursday, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

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Hands-On With Apple’s New Tips App in iOS 8 Beta 4

iOS 8 beta 4, released earlier today, included a new app called Tips, which is designed to offer iOS 8 users information about all of the new features in the operating system.

Tips was first hinted at during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, shown briefly on a display that rounded up dozens of unmentioned iOS 8 features, but it was missing from the iOS 8 betas until today.

It was unclear what would be included in the Tips app, but it turns out Tips is a simple tutorial-style app that gives users a look at some of the various features in iOS 8, using text, images, and brief animations.

As detailed in the above video, the Tips app has the following sections: Quickly respond to a notification, Notify me when there’s a reply (in Mail), Hey Siri (on hands-free Siri operation), Send a spoken message (in Messages), Quickly manage your mail (using gestures), and Be in the shot (camera timer mode).

Tips has a simple interface that opens directly into the first tip, using swipe gestures to navigate through available content. There’s a menu button on the bottom of the screen that gives a list of all the available tips, and each tip can be shared via Message, Mail, Facebook, or Twitter using the app’s share sheet. There’s also a “Like” feature, which most likely gives Apple information on which tips are most popular.


While there are only six different tips available in the app right now, an ending page suggests that users “Check back for new tips every week,” indicating the app will be updated on a weekly basis. There’s also a link to Apple’s iOS 8 website, and the app will send notifications to users when new tips are available.


Tips probably won’t be a feature that’s useful for seasoned iOS users, but for users who aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of the operating system, the app will provide valuable information on accessing new features. The Tips app is a default iOS 8 app and cannot be uninstalled.

Tips is only available to registered developers who have iOS 8 beta 4 installed on their devices, but it will become available to all users this fall, when iOS 8 is released to the public.

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iSkin exo case winners have been chosen!

If there’s one thing iMore loves even more than all our devices, it’s giving fantastic prizes to our awesome readers. This week we have some fantastic iSkin exo case for iPhone courtesy of iSkin! I’m sure you’re all anxious to see who the randomator has selected so let’s get to it.

The winners of the iSkin exo case contest are:

  • Ericclark4
  • PrettyGirlyThings
  • Sherri Glover
  • tired170

Congratulations winners, we’ll be in touch soon to get your info! Everyone else, keep an eye out for new contests all the time! In fact, you can enter now to win a $50 iTunes gift card or enter our current photo contest.

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Apple reaffirms it has never worked with any government agency to create a backdoor in any product or service

On July 18, Jonathan Zdziarski, a former iOS jailbreaker and current iOS forensic scientist and law enforcement consultant, gave a talk at the HOPE X conference in New York City. Zdziarski’s talk was on backdoors, attack points and surveillance mechanisms in iOS. In the talk he alleges that there are a number of ways for government agencies, including law-enforcement, to get at the personal data you store on your iPhone, iPod touch, and/or iPad. Zdziarski posted slides from the talk, based on an earlier journal publishing, on his website a couple of days ago. They’ve since been shared via other websites and social networks, and a lot of confusion and concern has arisen.

When reached for comment, Apple reiterated to iMore that it has never worked with any government agency to create a backdoor in any product or service:

“We have designed iOS so that its diagnostic functions do not compromise user privacy and security, but still provides needed information to enterprise IT departments, developers and Apple for troubleshooting technical issues,” Apple told iMore. “A user must have unlocked their device and agreed to trust another computer before that computer is able to access this limited diagnostic data. The user must agree to share this information, and data is never transferred without their consent.”

As we have said before, Apple has never worked with any government agency from any country to create a backdoor in any of our products or services.”

So, what’s going on here?

When you connect your iPhone or iPad to iTunes on Mac or Windows — and choose to trust that computer — a pairing record is created that maintains that trust for future connections. Zdziarski claims that if someone takes physical possession of that computer, they can steal those pairing records, connect to your device, and retrieve your personal information and/or enable remote logging. If they don’t have your computer, Zdziarski claims they can try and generate a pairing record by tricking you into connecting to a compromised accessory, like a dock (juice jacking), and/or by using mobile device management (MDM) tools intended for enterprise to get around safeguards like Apple’s Trusted Device requestor.

Because the NSA surveillance controversy is still fresh in many people’s minds, Zdziarski added a “don’t panic” statement on his blog at Zdziarski, emphasizing that he wasn’t accusing Apple of working with the NSA, but does suspect that the NSA might be using the techniques he outlined to collect data.

Zdziarski also praises iOS 7 security, saying that Apple has hardened its devices against typical attacks, including making changes that have shut down a “number of privately used spyware apps.” However, he’d like to see them strengthened it further with asymmetric encryption of incoming messages and media, the file system equivalent to “session keys,” a boot password, and a backup password.

Apple is rolling out new security and privacy protections as part of its upcoming iOS 8 software update, scheduled for release this fall. These improved features include MAC address randomization to prevent stores from tracking you as you walk around to shop, “while-in-use” rather than “always-on” location permissions to prevent apps from tracking your when they don’t need to, better privacy controls for your contacts, always-on VPN to secure your connections, and more.

Security is constant vigilance, and companies are only ever as good as the speed and efficacy of their last patch. Bottom line, following Zdziarski’s presentation, there’ll be a lot more attention paid to just these kinds of data leaks, and that’s good for all of us. Until then, if you’re at all concerned about privacy and security, Apple provides several tools and features you can use to further lock down your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad:

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Apple’s new ad proclaims the MacBook Air is ‘the notebook people love’

The MacBook Air is a pretty awesome piece of equipment and Apple knows it. A new commercial has hit the airwaves and it proclaims the MacBook Air is the “notebook people love”. While it might not be the preferred laptop in Apple’s lineup for everyone, those who have one generally don’t hesitate to share how much they love the MacBook Air.

The ad itself is rather simple and just flashes through a bunch of MacBook Air lids all decked out in stickers ranging from the Beats logos, Snow White, Homer Simpson and various other pop culture characters, logos and symbols. A sight that’s no doubt familiar to many readers out there.

Even my own MacBook Pro has several stickers on it so I can see where Apple was going with this one, the ad creates a relationship between the company, their products and the user. Hit play on the video above and let us know what you think of the ad in the comments. Does your Apple gear resemble anything like the lids in the commercial?

Source: FooltechFromTheAshes via: @liquiddigital

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Apple reportedly bets big on big screen iPhone 6 models

According to recent supplier information, Apple is making big bets on the much rumored iPhone 6, which is expected to come in two different screen sizes. The oft-rumored Apple smartphone is anticipated to arrive in a 4.7-inch model and a 5.5-inch model, both up from the 4-inch iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c, and represent Apple’s largest smartphones to date.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple may be ordering as many as 70 to 80 million units of these phones combined, which is a big jump from 50 to 60 million units of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c production run last year. Citing “people familiar with the matter,” the increased order is for the initial production run that will last through the end of the year.

So far Apple has remained quiet and the company typically does not comment on rumors. If recent history will serve as a trend, then Apple is expected to introduce its next iPhone model(s) sometime in the September time frame. The new models are believed to come in metal sporting a variety of colors, though that’s not confirmed.

Though the orders sound impressive, the Journal is also reporting that Apple may encounter some snags with production of the larger iPhone 6 model. In particular, the new display technology, which means a thinner screen that doesn’t require a separate touch layer, may be challenging to manufacture for the 5.5-inch display. Additionally, Apple may face some complications with making the rumored sapphire glass for this model, which could delay the release or make initial shipments harder to accommodate.

Are you looking to upgrade to Apple’s iPhone 6? Which model are you interested in, the 4.7- or 5.5-inch?

Source: WSJ

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Apple reminds developers that latest iOS 8, OS X Yosemite developer previews now required for CloudKit

Apple is sending out emails reminding developers that CloudKit will require the latest developer previews of either iOS 8 or OS X Yosemite to work starting tomorrow. While both developer previews were released today, starting Tuesday July 22 they will be required for developers who use CloudKit.

In addition, Apple is also recommending that developers backup their public databases as they will be performing a server-side wipe. This will not affect iCloud Drive, iCloud Photo Library, or Mail Drop as those were already wiped earlier this one.

“We will perform a server-side data wipe on all CloudKit public databases on July 22,” the company’s email reads. “If you are using iCloud containers with public databases, consider creating a copy of your data so that you can re-upload once the data wipe is complete. iCloud Drive, iCloud Photo Library, and Mail Drop will not be impacted by the targeted data wipe.”

CloudKit was announced at this year’s WWDC to allow developers to more easily work with server-side data.

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EFI update to address rare wake from sleep issues on mid-2011 MacBook Air’s now available

If you have a mid-2011 MacBook Air and have been experiencing issues with the system taking longer to wake from sleep than expected or your fans run at full speed when after waking device up, Apple has now made available a new EFI update that aims to address those problems.

It’s a small 4.3MB download available directly from the Apple website and should be ran over top of EFI versions 0077.00, 0077.08, 077.0E, 0077.0F with OS X 10.9.2 and later. Luckily, you won’t really have to check all that yourself though you can if you wish.

The installer once downloaded will double check to ensure it can be run on your computer before actually installing so even if you have a mid-2011 MacBook Air and just want to ensure you’re not affected, you can download the update and run it to see if it applies to your system.

Source: Apple via: Apple Insider

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